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Whenever you’re planning renovations or improvements in your Wolvey property, it’s likely that one of your overall aims will be to make the best use of space. Even when you have a large property and generous rooms, making the most of the space in your Leicestershire home or commercial premises is really important.

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This is particularly true when it comes to designing staircases. A staircase is often a must-have practical feature in a home or business property, but they can take up a great deal of space. Therefore it’s important to make sure your staircase is appropriately sized, designed and sited to create the optimal blend of practicality and visual attractiveness in the space.

One option chosen by many Wolvey property owners is a space-saving staircase. These can be cleverly designed to provide a route into upper areas of the property, while taking up less space than a standard staircase. However, a space-saving staircase can come with some drawbacks, so it’s important to consider these carefully:

  • a space-saving staircase will often have a steeper incline than a standard staircase, which could present a safety issue to some people, as well as making it more difficult to move furniture and large objects up and down the stairs
  • spiral staircases can be good space savers, but some people find the curving and tight nature of some spiral staircases makes them feel a little unsafe when going up and down the stairs

It’s really important to think about who will be using the Wolvey staircase and why before you start planning a staircase design. Here at Volarus Special Projects, we’re happy to help advise you about the best space-saving staircase for your needs.


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