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If you’re planning a new staircase in your Little Aston home, whether as part of a renovation project or to replace an existing one, you might be tempted to consider a spiral staircases. While spiral staircases have a reputation for being steep and sometimes unsafe, this isn’t always the case, especially where you have plenty of space to ensure a smaller rise between the individual treads.

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However, if you’re thinking about having a spiral staircase installed in your Little Aston home, here are some things you should think about:

  • how much space you want your spiral staircase to take up – a space-saving staircase will normally be steeper and so it might not be suitable for everyone
  • what material you want your staircase made out of – common choices for Little Aston home owners include wood, cast aluminium, steel and more
  • whether you want your spiral staircase to have a contemporary or traditional appearance – this will influence the choice of materials and design. Think about the existing style of your Little Aston home and what would look best.

As you’ll see, there are various different things you need to consider when planning a spiral staircase and balustrade for your Little Aston property. For expert advice and help to make the right choices, why not contact us here at Volarus Special Projects today.

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