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Building regulations might seem like a chore but they’re there for a reason, and so it’s important to think about them whenever you’re planning a new staircase in your Chipping Campden home or commercial property. A staircase is a structural feature which will interface with several other areas of your building, and so it’s vital to make sure it is safe and compliant with all regulations.

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Don’t be tempted to cut corners

While all Chipping Campden home owners will be looking to get the best value for money, this is not an area where you should be tempted to cut corners. Make sure you engage the services of skilled Gloucestershire staircase designers, architects, builders and other professionals, who you know have a good reputation and produce high-quality work.

Safety standards you’ll need to meet

It’s likely that your new Chipping Campden staircase will need to meet a variety of standards. For example, the height and depth of each stair must be within certain limits. If you’re choosing open treads, there’s also a required level of overlap between each tread, again to ensure maximum safety for the people using the stairs. You’ll also need to ensure there’s adequate headroom at all points of your staircase. There might be other rules you need to follow – check with your Chipping Campden staircase designer if you’re not sure.

Find out more

To make sure you won’t need to worry about building regulations, contact us here at Volarus Special Projects. We’re experts at creating designs that will ensure your safety and compliance with all required rules.


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