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Having a new staircase commissioned and installed in your Altrincham home can be very exciting for anyone. Whether you’re having your new staircase created in a new-build property or extension, or you’re replacing your existing staircase, you can look forward to a stunning new statement in your hallway.

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It’s a good idea to be realistic about what’s involved in a new staircase project though. You’ll have a stunning new staircase at the end of it, but there might be some pain in the short term. For example:

There might be a lot of paperwork

Having a new staircase installed in your Altrincham home is major structural work – so it’s likely you could need a range of different professionals involved and will probably need to ensure the finished staircase passes building regulations.

It’s going to be messy

Installing a new staircase is major work, so you need to be prepared for dust, disruption and noise in your Altrincham home while the installation is being carried out

Your upper floor will be out of action

The installation will involve the removal of your existing staircase – for most people this will mean you have no access to your first floor while the work is being carried out (unless, of course, you have another staircase in your Altrincham property).

It will be costly

A new staircase installation is likely to be expensive – especially if you have a bespoke staircase commissioned by an expert designer. However many home owners believe this is a very worthwhile investment.


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