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A huge advantage of using glass balustrades in your Sutton Coldfield property is that you’ll find a range of systems available to suit all styles and budgets. Whether you’re on a tight budget or the sky is the limit, glass balustrading doesn’t need to be beyond your price range. There’s no end to the options and possibilities open to you. If you’re choosing balustrading for your Sutton Coldfield home or commercial premises, you can choose between standard and bespoke systems. Each comes with their own advantages.

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Standard balustrade systems

You can choose from a range of standard frameless or post systems for your glass balustrade. Standard systems are cost-effective and generally straightforward to install, with a range of different options and styles available to suit the needs of any project. Many Sutton Coldfield home owners are pleasantly surprised at just what good value for money a standard balustrade system can represent.

Bespoke balustrade systems

If you have a specific design or effect in mind, a unique system can be designed, manufactured and installed to your exact specifications, using a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, wrought iron, wood, stone or aluminium, with the highest quality glass infills. No matter how bold your vision, a bespoke balustrade system can cover all your ideas for your Sutton Coldfield property. A bespoke design will always be more expensive than a standard balustrade system, but will add immeasurable prestige to your Sutton Coldfield property.


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