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Safety should be paramount in any staircase design. This is because, by their nature, staircases are reasonably hazardous and need to be used with care.

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This means, if you’re planning a new staircase for your Stone property, you’ll need to think about what safety features to incorporate. These could include:

  • balustrades and handrails: these should always be positioned at an appropriate height and secured so they feel strong enough to help people climbing the stairs
  • lighting: a staircase should be well lit so people can see where they are going and use the staircase safely
  • grips on treads: if you’re having wooden or metal treads, it’s a good idea to consider having a grippy material included, so people are less likely to slip over. This is particularly important in an exterior staircase
  • solid rises: some contemporary staircase designs leave spaces between treads, but these open rises can be hazardous to children or older people. Make sure your designer is following best practice if you do choose to have open rises between the treads.

Any staircase you’re planning for your Stone property will need to be planned and designed to take account of safety regulations and with a view to the requirements of the people who will be using them. Fortunately, most Stone staircase designers will be aware of safety obligations and will design staircases to include important safety features.


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