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Having a new staircase installed in your Harbourne property is never likely to be a small project. Staircases play a significant structural role wherever they’re sited in a Birmingham home, and so it’s important to understand having a new staircase will be a large piece of work.

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You can help make things go smoothly by planning ahead and speaking to a Harbourne staircase expert at the beginning of the project. This will mean you can make decisions based on consideration of all the facts, with the support of expertise to guide you.

Here are some of the things you should think about when planning your Harbourne staircase project:

  • where does the staircase need to be sited and how much space is there for it?
  • who will need to use the staircase and do they have any specific needs? (for example young children or people with disabilities)
  • do you simply want a functional staircase or is the aesthetic design of it important too?
  • what is your budget for your Harbourne staircase?
  • do you want your staircase to make a unique style statement in your home?
  • what materials do you want to use? For example you could choose wood, glass, metal or something else.

To get help with all these questions, contact us here at Volarus Special Projects. We’re experts at designing and installing beautiful bespoke staircases that can give your Harbourne home a real ‘wow’ factor.

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