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When you’re planning a new staircase installation in your Bakewell property, there are lots of things you’ll need to think about. Where it will be sited, the overall design and the materials to be used are just some of these considerations. However, one thing many Bakewell home owners forget about or treat as an afterthought, is the lighting for your staircase.

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Good lighting can make a significant difference to the appearance and practical values of your Bakewell staircase. For example, a stunning and elegant statement pendant light can give the impression of grandeur, elegance and sophistication. However, for practical purposes, lights on the risers of your staircase could also add a significant extra dimension, helping to people using the staircase safe.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when planning lighting for your Bakewell staircase:

  • what is the overall visual impression you want to make?
  • who will be using the staircase and what are their needs around safety and practicality?
  • what is your budget?
  • where will the staircase be sited?
  • are there any safety requirements you need to meet in order to get building regs sign-off or comply with any other legal requirements?

For help to design and plan your staircase lighting in any Derbyshire property, contact us here at Volarus Special Projects today.


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